I don’t carry a diaper bag. Or a pastoral kit. I just carry a really large mom-purse that ends up looking like something Mary Poppins would haul around. As I dig around for emergency sacrament I usually grab a pack of fruit snacks. When I’m looking for baby wipes my hand brushes against the Book of Common Prayer. My purse is much like the Christian life- it cannot be compartmentalized into secular and sacred. All of life is sacred. Visiting with the dying to offer comfort and peace is sacred. Raising tiny humans to be loving and compassionate change agents in a broken world is sacred. Speaking with kindness to each human we come in contact with is sacred. The reality is that our lives are crazy, messy, and wild. They are also profoundly divine. I could carry a diaper bag with my kids, a pastoral kit when visiting, and a purse to the grocery store. But in carrying them together I am all of myself all the time- many messy, chaotic parts held together in one holy being. – from Instagram

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