About the Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church welcomes YOU!


We are so excited you have decided to explore the Episcopal Church. The Episcopal Church is a branch of the Anglican Communion worldwide. St. Anne’s Episcopal Church is part of the Episcopal Diocese of West Missouri.

We order our lives and service around Baptism and the Holy Eucharist. We believe that these two sacraments are the backbone of our lives as Christians. In them, we are invited into deeper relationship with Christ and in them, we are able to follow God’s calling to feed, care, and serve.

The Episcopal Church is an experiential church rather than a dogmatic church. There is no list of requirements nor beliefs that you must adhere to. We invite you into worship and deep reflection, believing that will allow you to understand your calling from God.

The Episcopal Church looks to the “three-legged stool” to make decisions. These three legs to our faith are tradition, reason, and scripture. When exploring a choice or decision that must be made is it important to ask what does tradition say? Our tradition is full of great minds and deeply spiritual individuals who have wrestled with many of the issues we face today. What thoughts did they express? Also, what does reason have to say? God gave us great minds, He expects us to use them. We have lives filled with experiences, a world filled with knowledge. What does reason say? Scripture is a vital leg to our stool. Scripture is filled with the stories of people and the experiences of the divine. What can we learn from their experiences?

We can’t explain everthing in a few paragraphs on a website. It is something you must experience for yourself. We invite you to come worship with the family of St. Anne’s. Join us as we journey to experience God more deeply and to serve the Christ in all.

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