About Us

About St. Anne’s

youth, christian education, episcopal lees summitSt. Anne’s Episcopal Church of Lee’s Summit is a parish made up of a diversity of people – single and married, families with young children and older adults, people who have been Episcopalians all their lives, those who have come to the Episcopal Church from other faith traditions, and people looking for a new way to live. We seek to worship and serve God, to reach out to each other and to the world in Christ’s love, and to journey together in our faith.

St. Anne’s Episcopal Church is part of The Episcopal Diocese of West Missouri. 

Sunday Morning

Our Sunday morning service begins at 10:00am. We celebrate the Holy Eucharist every Sunday. All materials you will need are provided to you in your bulletin. If you wan’t to check out what our services are like, click here for an example. You can view Rev. Meg’s sermons here. 

As God created you, we welcome you. This applies to our children as well. God created the wiggle, we do not attempt to suppress it. For our youngest members, we offer a nursery. For children through middle school, we offer Sunday School during the first half of our service. All children join us for the Eucharist. These are options only. If your child would prefer to join us during the service we welcome them warmly. Rocking chairs are available if desired.

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The Rev. Meg Clark Rhodes is the The Rector or Priest of St. Anne’s Episcopal Church and is always available to speak with you about any questions you may have. Please feel free to speak to her on Sunday or send her an email here.