Put Up a Decal to Bring Down the Debt!

Put Up a Decal to Bring Down the Debt!

photo (7)As many of you are aware, we are making difficult choices due to the enormous debt that we hold (roughly $325,000) on our building.  We have been working hard in committees to come up with fundraising ideas that support community and fellowship.  We are giving one St. Anne’s decal with every $25 straight principal donation.  These decals have been paid for in full by a donor, so every penny you give goes straight to the principal on our mortgage.  Show your support for St Anne’s with our new logo!  See Mollie McAuley for your decal.

Author: Meg

Meg serves as priest at St. Anne's Episcopal Church. She also serves as wife to Eric and mom to Weslee and Caroline. In her (copious) amounts of spare time she enjoys cooking and spending time with her family and pets.

Website: http://breakingbreadwithmeg.wordpress.com


  1. Hello! I’m with St. Mary Magdalene. We love your decal idea. Would you mind if I asked you …..
    1. Where/How did you order these? 2. How much did they cost? 3. Would you do this again?

    Thanks for your time.

    Thanks again !!

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