And the Pendulum Swings….

And the Pendulum Swings….

Change,   acckkk,   no one likes it and yet everyone wants it at some point. Sometimes it comes fast and furious, sometimes it drops like a bomb, and sometimes it sneaks up on you gradually. Youth ministry can be like that. Youth ministry at St. Anne’s is definitely like that right now. In our beginnings, we had parents who dutifully worked to help the teens of our church create a community, build relationships with each other, and to strength their spiritual lives. Then Kyle Miller spent nearly two years working with our youth. Following Kyle, Meredith Seaton joined us for a few months. Meredith is being pulled in new directions working in the larger arena of the Greater Kansas City Youth Network and Diocesan youth events. So, change comes again to St. Anne’s Youth.  Alyssa Becho has graciously agreed to step in as our new Youth Leader. This will be comforting because we all know and are familiar with Alyssa and her family. It will be exciting (if not a bit frightening) because change is always that way. Please welcome Alyssa into her new role in our church family. I, for one, am always excited to see our youth grow in community and fellowship. No matter how fast or slow the changes occur, two things that don’t change at St. Anne’s are that we value our youth and have every intention of purposefully continuing our youth program.

Author: Laura Zimmer

Laura Zimmer is Assistant to the Rector and the Director of Christian Education. She is the mother of two and a 10+ year member of St. Anne's. The youth and children's programs are what brought her to St. Anne's. "I love working with the kids and watching our program grow."

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  1. Yes! And we are all here to support you Alyssa! It’s going to be great.

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