Snow & Sacrament

Snow & Sacrament

As I sit here writing this the snow continues to fall, the dog is snoozing in front of the fireplace, and Weslee and Eric are getting caught up on the DVR. Not the Palm Sunday I had planned.

Canceling church this morning was an incredibly difficult decision to make. I stood at my door at 5:45am knowing I couldn’t even get out of my driveway, let alone drive to check the roads. Church simply could not happen. I’ve spent quite a bit of time this morning pondering my reaction to this whole situation. In general, I consider myself a pretty laid back person, capable of rolling with situations as they arise. Not today. This is NOT the way Palm Sunday is supposed to look! The Palm Sunday liturgy is beautiful and I’ve had this service planned for weeks and weeks! I have two bunches of palms languishing in the church refrigerator! God’s creation is getting in the way of my religion!

Woops. Did I say that? Out loud? The reality is that it is extremely easy and all too tempting for our plans, traditions, and “ways” to get in the way of seeing and worshipping God. Sometimes religion is less about God and more about us. If I ask myself honestly, do I really believe that God NEEDS the Palm Sunday liturgy to go just as I had it planned, I am forced to admit that no, God does not need it to go that way. Christ’s walk to the cross will occur the way it needs to be with or without my liturgical planning. With or without perfectly folded palm crosses, with or without vestments and sermons. Christ’s journey will happen. Salvation will happen. God’s love will happen.

I invite all of us to acknowledge the presence of the divine in this Palm Sunday. Mine will be found in playing with my daughter on the floor in front of the fireplace, wearing pajama pants all day, the smell of dinner in the crock-pot and chocolate cupcakes in the oven. Sacraments are available to us at all times in all places. May this Holy Week be a blessing to you all, wherever you are. May our religion not get in the way of appreciating God’s creation.

Author: Meg

Meg serves as priest at St. Anne's Episcopal Church. She also serves as wife to Eric and mom to Weslee and Caroline. In her (copious) amounts of spare time she enjoys cooking and spending time with her family and pets.



  1. Well said. God bless your day.

  2. Meg. I tried channel 9 and closing was not announced. I called churcg 1/2 hour before and again 15 minutes after service was supposed to be held. Nothing was on phone about closing. Just fiund out about thiseb site. Let’s see if we can get changes on phone. Good message,though. agape Rolf

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