New Kids on the Block/ in the Church

New Kids on the Block/ in the Church

Whoops. Did the title of this post date me? A LOT! Let’s not worry about that. Let’s talk about kids in church. The constant refrain of, “we need more kids in church” is more common than the tolling of steeple bells in our parishes. Yet, it can sometimes take an almost vampirish turn. Of course, in a world where Twilight and zombies are popular maybe that isn’t such a bad thing. The real question we need to ask ourselves is this: “Why do we want more kids in church?” Is it because we think it will make our churches grow, bring in some new pledging parents, raise our budgets and allow us to continue on our merry little ways with no change? Or is it because our kids are a vital part of our family? Because they bring new ideas, new energy, and call us to a better way of living.

Our kids are not the future of the church. They are the now. The church is the only place in our society where all generations are together. We learn and share together. We call one another to a deeper and stronger faith- together. The following article is a wonderful reminder for us to pay attention to the needs of our kids, not to worry about the imaginary youth group we think we OUGHT to have.

Author: Meg

Meg serves as priest at St. Anne's Episcopal Church. She also serves as wife to Eric and mom to Weslee and Caroline. In her (copious) amounts of spare time she enjoys cooking and spending time with her family and pets.


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