The “Nones”

The “Nones”

An issue “we” as the church have been discussing has gone mainstream. Many people, young adults especially, are moving away from religion. The “spiritual but not religious” movement has been present for awhile now but we are just now starting to take the time to really explore what is behind this movement.

Rather than simply write-off this movement it is time to really explore the questions that many people face in their faith journies. How are we building bridges for folks in their relationship with God, instead of being gatekeepers? Please explore this story from NPR. We live in a changing world and we must be looking for the mission of God, not playing curators in a museum.

Author: Meg

Meg serves as priest at St. Anne's Episcopal Church. She also serves as wife to Eric and mom to Weslee and Caroline. In her (copious) amounts of spare time she enjoys cooking and spending time with her family and pets.


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